Remove Windows 10 Bloatware

With the release of Windows 10 came plenty of new functionality, optimizations, UI changes AND... a bunch of tracking by Microsoft. Below is a batch file to remove some of this tracking; It will be improved in the future to support future updates. Another option is to utilize 10se1ucgo's patch on Github located here.

UPDATE - 02.23.17 -

 As of today TronScript is a better choice then the previously posted patch by 10se1ucgo as it includes a bunch of awesome tweaks, scripts and de-bloat features every tech enthusiast should have. Make sure to grab the latest version on the Reddit page they maintain.

UPDATE - 05.25.17 -

After using Tron for quite a while I am confident in saying that if you simply want to remove Microsoft Windows tracking features including OneDrive and Cortana; then the script written by 10se1ucgo is the best solution. Tron has this functionality included however it is more for cleaning computers and removing viruses. For this it is simply way to bloated.

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