Ronco Digital Signage Solution - December 2017 Update

A Web Browser is the only requirement of this solution as it runs via a website. As long as you have an active connection during load (and for Weather updates); no issues will happen. To navigate to the site simply go to:

and login with your provided credentials. This will log you in and navigate you automatically to the slide we created with your branding. To make the browser go Full Screen (removing the top/bottom bars) simply hit F11. If the screen size does not fit the slider perfectly use Ctrl + +/- (plus/minus) on your keyboard to shrink/enlarge the area. To edit the names on the slider simply navigate to:

and select RDSS from the left hand menu. Once inside select your company name to enter the slider creation tool. Highlight where you see the company list with [limarquee class="YourCompany"]. Make sure not to delete this the brackets above and below the text. Next simply paste your list of company between the two brackets and your set. An Example of this is

[limarquee class="YourCompany"]
A+ Electronics
A+ Investments
A Plus Lawn Care
Access Asia
Accord Investments
Advansed Teksyztems
Affinity Investment Group
Afforda Merchant Services
Alert Alarm Company
Alladin Realty
Alladin's Lamp
Architectural Genie
Asian Answers
Asian Fusion
Asian Junction
Asian Plan
Asian Solutions

Once you have added the new text simply select Update from the left hand side. The slider is viewable at the following

If you need anything further assistance contact Ronco using the Support System here or through our 24/7 support panel at: (345) 916 7253 or

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