MyRubis - Login / Reset Password

Below is the login area for the MyRubis portal; The look of this login screen might vary depending on your location*. To login simply fill out your credentials provided by an Admin and you will automatically be re-directed to your specific area of the panel. This will vary depending on your role so if you require additional access please send a request.

By default:

Administrator - Full access to the front/back of the portal and be allowed to make changes to users and other aspects of the portal.

Editor - This is the role being currently utilized for Drivers. You will automatically be re-directed to the Form Pages used forDelivery Authorization andChecklisthowever on a desktop you can navigate to after logging in to view other aspects of the portal. This can be useful for resetting your password or changing profile information.

Customer - This is the default role used by all Rubis Stations. This will allow access to the portal with no back access. It will also give permissions to place orders/view invoices. These permissions can be tweaked on a per customer basis if the need is required.

Resetting your Password

Resetting your password is as easy as clicking the Lost Password on the login screen. Put in your email address/username to receive a password reset. Your username is setup the following way:

1st Letter of your First Name '.' Last Name - Christopher Soehnlein


Once you select 'Get New Password' a new password will be sent to your Rubis email within 5-10minutes. If you do not receive an email, check your emails spam folders followed by reaching out to an Administrator for more assistance. The reset password area can also be used for changing your current password without requiring access to the portal.

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