Radio Stations - Updating the 'Hero Slider'


The hero slider on the radio station websites is built utilizing Slider Revolution meaning if you can't figure something out try using the immense amount of documentation they provide.

  1. Steps:

    Get into Slider Revolution from one of the following methods:

     - From the page with the slider select the Slider Revolution tab from the Admin toolbar followed by the listed slider.

    - From the Dashboard select Slider Revolution. Next Select the Slide you wish to edit.

  2. Now that your in the specific Slider click on the slide you wish to edit and change the Background Image. The current advert is 606px x 319px. If you don't want issues stick with the same size. Also make sure its a .JPG and sitting at 70ish quality for best loading times. 

  3. To insert more slider highlight the first slider and click Duplicate. Rinse and Repeat process from Step 2 on the next slide. 
  4. When all Slides have been completed click the Save Slide button. It is light green and located in the top.

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