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Advertisements are done via two different ways; Side Banners and Top/Bottom Banners. Going into this the easiest way to understand the process is ADZONES > ADVERTISERS > CAMPAIGNS > BANNERS. Adzones are created first. An Adzone is definitely the most difficult part as it requires it to be embedded within the site (or easily through a Widget shortcode). An Advertiser and Campaign must be created before a Banner can be implemented. Advertisers are simply the person paying you. If you have 18 Burger King Ads spread across 2years you still only have one company paying for them; Burger King. Campaigns are how long the banner is going to be running. Finally the banner; A lot of settings are available for the banner and I will go through them below. 

On to updating:

  1. Get the Ad from the Advertiser so you know exactly where it goes.

  2. Next go to the Advertiser Section and create an Advertiser. If already created go to Step 3. Note I created all Advertisers with Pauls Email. You can change this if you wish to give the advertiser access to seeing stats themselves.
  3. Next go the Campaign Section and select your Advertiser followed by the time the Advertisement will be running. Blank = Forever

  4. Next go to the Banners - Add New Banner and utilize the information below:

    Banner Options :

    Banner For Insert advertiser created in Step 2
    Banner Campaign Insert the campaign created in Step 3
    Link The link to the advertisers website / promo
    Target Select BLANK to load it in a new window.
    Link Masking USE LINK MASKING to prevent advertising trackers
    Status Active

    Banner Type:

    At the top you will see 3 icons: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Each of the settings below are the same for each banner type:

    Hide banner on this device This will make the banner not visible on certain devices. Good for weirdly shaped / huge banners meant for Full Page ads.
    Option 1 This will usually be the default unless using Google Adsense. If you don't know have an embed code upload the ad here. Note: Make sure ads are: 300x250 for box ads and 650x100 to get the most clear / compressed image possible.
    Width Box - 350 or Rectangle- 650
    Height Box - 250 or Rectangle 100
    Option 2 Only used for embed codesDo Not fill in anything here unless you are sure you have the right code.

    Optional Settings / Link:

    Optional settings are as the name suggests; Don't edit any of these settings unless you require a special case. If you see a tab called Revolution Slider Options ignore it as it applies to something else.

  5. Finally go to Banners Section and under the AdZone tab make sure the Adzone you wish the banner to go into is selected.

- If you run into issues check out the Burger King Ad as Reference and Duplicate it if needed -

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